Under 10s Fixtures/Results

Date Opposition Venue Result
28/06/2017 Phoenix United u11s Jaffray Road W 4-2
10/07/2017 Arden Forest u11s Hollyfields Club W 2-0
24/08/2017 Sutton Coldfield u10s Cardiff W 5-0
24/08/2017 Afan Nedd u10s Cardiff W 6-0
24/08/2017 Cardiff u10s Cardiff W 1-0
07/10/2017 Afan Nedd u10s Hollyfields Club L 7-6
23/10/2017 Gloucester u10s Hollyfields Club W 3-1
05/11/2017 Solihull u11s CTC Kingshurst W 4-2
18/11/2017 Harborne u11s Four Dwellings W 1-0
02/12/2017 Aston u11s Hollyfields Club W 8-0
27/01/2018 Erdington and Saltley u11s B Team Heartlands Academy D 0-0
27/01/2018 South Birmingham u11s B Team Heartlands Academy W 6-1
27/01/2018 Sutton Coldfield u11s B Team Heartlands Academy W 5-0
27/01/2018 Wolverhampton u11s A Team Heartlands Academy L 2-0
18/2/2018 Middlesbrough u10s Hollyfields Club W 2-0
18/2/2018 Middlesbrough u11s Hollyfields Club D 0-0
18/2/2018 Afan Nedd u10s Hollyfields Club W 2-0
18/2/2018 Afan Nedd u11s Hollyfields Club W 1-0
17/3/2018 Gloucester u10s Heartlands Academy *
17/3/2018 Sutton Coldfield u10s Heartlands Academy *
17/3/2018 Baths u10s Heartlands Academy *

One response to “Under 10s Fixtures/Results

  1. Not only would Bromford Lions echo the Match Report, we’d even go one further and suggest it understates how absolutely stunning the Tons U10s display was, especially in the opening period, in which Bromford hardly touched the ball for the first 15 minutes.

    On the one hand, being taught a footballing lesson by an U10s team could easily rankle an U11s team, but on the other hand, you just have to take your hat off and applaud a truly wonderful display of football – be interesting to see how far this team can go next season at the rate there going.

    Again, our thanks to Phil and Tonn for organising the match and use of the Heartlands Academy pitch – a rematch at some point being a must, hopefully next time on a rain sodden, muddy come bumpy pitch, with the wind blowing . . . . . . we might get a touch of the ball then !!!!

    Good Luck in the New Year from Wayne and all at Bromford Lions.

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