One bad result doesn’t make us a bad team!

Saturday 1st December 2012 @ Braemar Road

Erdington and Saltley (Jayden Ward) 1 – 6 Aston

24 hours has passed and I’ve finally decided to come out of the dark room that I’ve been hiding in and face the world! Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus are all great teams and all lose games. Erdington and Saltley have not become a bad team over night and we’ll certainly be back from this. My team talk after the game stressed that I wasn’t angry with anyone. After all we’re kids (me included) and kids should always be allowed to make mistakes without feeling like they’ll get in trouble. However, we also talked about how mistakes are fine but only because they allow us to learn. We must learn from this result and performance and put together a run of results to move us up the table.

So, what about the match I hear you say? Following a pitch inspection, the referee agreed to let the game go ahead, but only after a delayed kick off. Within ten minutes of the game starting, The Ton had taken the lead courtesy of a Jayden free kick from the edge of the area. However, with the squad depleted through injuries, we knew we were in for a tough morning despite our lead. By half time, Aston had a 3-1 lead and Loic was dictating the game from centre midfield.

The second half was unfortunately very similar to the first! Aston continued to control the game and scored three further goals. A scoreline like that is always hard to stomach, but Aston deserve every bit of credit that comes their way. They were majestic.

December 1st is always an exciting day because it means I get to open the first door on my advent calendar. I just hope we won’t be giving away anymore Christmas presents like we did yesterday! We are not a bad team. We are a good team who played badly but we’ll learn. The faith and belief I have in all of you lads has not diminished. I’m still proud to be the manager of The Ton and I know it’ll be onwards and upwards from here.

On a positive note, Treymaine was outstanding and caused them problems whenever on the ball. At times he ran through their defence like a hot knife slicing through butter.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend boys and we’ll dust ourselves off ready for East Birmingham next Saturday.

Is it safe to go outside yet?!

Team: Connor, Darrelle, Sam, Michael, Josh F, William, Jayden, Josh S, Treymaine, Cedric, Bailey, Carter

Ref’s M.O.M – Treymaine

Up the Ton!

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