Erdington and Saltley vs. Gloucester

Adress information:

Post code: GL2 0UF, Gloucester

Additional Information: drive past the school and the library (GL2-0UF) which is on your left and turn left immediately after the library down a side road called ‘The Elms’. Enter the school grounds through the big green gates at the end. Just remember that when you arrive, drive PAST the school and turn left immediately after the adjoining library. Please don’t park in the front playground as you’ll either get dragged in to Slimming World – or locked in the car park when it finishes!

Directions from Braemar Road:,%20Sutton%20Coldfield%7CSTREET%7C411053%7C294906%7CtoNode=18260035198392%7CGL2%200UF,%20Gloucester%7CSTREET%7C384905%7C220468

Travel Arrangements:

The following people are going straight to Gloucester:

Team Sam: Sam, Ethan and Josh S

Team Cedric: Cedric

Team William: William

Team Darrelle: Darrelle

TOTAL: Six Players

Meeting at Braemar Road at 8:15am on Saturday:

Team Alex T: Alex T, Karter, Little Josh, Sahib, Michael, Bailey

Team Phil: Ellis-Jay, Callum and Jayden


For those players travelling from Braemar Road, we should arrive back by 2:00pm at the latest. I will text all of the parents the minute that we leave Gloucester as this will give you approximately an hour to get to Braemar Road.

The squad on the day will consist of 15 players as unfortunately both Zane and Treymaine are unavailable to play.

We have agreed with Gloucester to play three lots of 20 minutes. This means every single player will get a minimum of 40 minutes playing time. Therefore making the journey worthwhile.

Give me a call if you have any problems and roll on Saturday!

Oh and if anyone has a camera, please bring it along so we can take a few snaps of this historical day!

The Ton are going nationwide!

Up The Ton!

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