Programme Notes – What the match day programme said about The Ton

These are the player profiles that were included in the match day programme yesterday:

Alex Tame

Goalkeeper – Vocal, brave and a wicked shot-stopper. Alex is one of the most improved players this season. You’d be hard pushed to guess that he plays in defence  for his school and Sunday league teams! A rock upon which the team is built.


Bailey Vincent

Strker – A strong, robust and powerful striker, like they ‘used to make ‘em in the olden days!’ Bailey has a great touch and plenty of skills in his locker, not to mention a sweet shot on him!


Callum Brown

Striker/Midfielder – Now you see him. Now you don’t! This boy would give usain Bolt a run for his money and has the skills to go with the pace. One of the best players in the Birmingham District League and he has the footballing world at his feet. Callum has represented the City of Birmingham this season.


Cedric Mbenze

Midfielder – Don’t be fooled be Cedric’s small size and stature, after all Xavi, Messi and Iniesta are all tiny and they’re the greatest players in the world! Cedric has more skills and tricks than you could shake a big stick at!


Darrelle Warrican

Full back/Winger – Darrelle is another lightening fast player, as well as being committed and brave. He never grumbles when asked to do an unfamiliar job and just simply rolls up his sleeves and gets on with things. What a great attitude to have!


Ellis-Jay Smith

Winger – Ellis-Jay can play on either wing or through the middle. He is a great dribbler of the ball and causes the opposition no end of problems. His ability (and willingness) to play anywhere across the middle of the pitch makes him worth his weight in gold!


Ethan Thomas

Midfielder – Ethan is another versatile player who has also been known to play in defence as well as midfield during the season. He is diminutive in stature but tenacious in the tackle and composed on the ball.


Jayden Ward (Captain)

Defence/Midfield – Jayden is the captain of The Ton and leads by example in everything that he does! Jayden is every managers dream – brave, fast, clever and technically gifted. However if you ask him where he wants to play, he’ll say ‘up front’ . . . so don’t ask him! Jayden has represented the City of Birmingham this season.


Joshua Freeman

Full-back – Another one of a smaller players, but like the rest, ‘Little Josh’ is brave and committed in everything that he does. He gives every game 100% and is also an incredibly polite, respectful young-man.


Joshua Subhan

Centre Midfielder – Josh is the kind of player that every team in the whole world needs, the type of player prepared to run through a brick wall if it means stopping the opposition in their tracks! He makes me tired just watching him play as he covers every single blade of grass on the pitch! We’d be lost without him. Big Josh has represented the City of Birmingham this season.


Karter Blackstock

Midfield/Striker – A big, strong young man, Karter really introduced himself to the District stage in November against Harborne Primary Schools’ when he bullied and harassed their back-four to the point of distraction.


Michael Doyle

Centre Defence – Michael is a ball playing defender and can do a job in midfield if asked. He has a lovely touch and can thread the ball through the eye of a needle. Many of our best moves have started at the back through Michael.


Sahib Rahmen

Everywhere! – Sahib would love to play as a striker if he had his way, however he literally plays everywhere! He has played at the centre of defence, on either wing, in the middle of the park and up front! I’m sure I’m driving him crazy with the constant changes in positions, but he never moans and always gets on with things. Great mentality!


Sam Pinkney

Defence – Another one of our most improved players this season. Sam started the season as as a right back but has since also played at the heart of our defence. He is not afraid to stick his head in where it hurts and has a very nice turn of pace. A very important part of The Ton jigsaw.


Treymaine Morris-Griffiths

Midfield/Striker – The big man is a joy to work with. Fast, skillful and technically gifted…everything that I wanted to be as a footballer before I accepted defeat! Trey has won admirers from every team that we’ve come up against this season due to his refusal to accept defeat and obvious desire to win every game! Trey has represented the City of Birmingham this season.


William  Coffey

Defence/Midfield – William is a quiet boy off the pitch but when he steps over the line he lets his feet do the talking. His refusal to panic is a great quality for any player to have, especially one with a responsibility to defend.


Zane Lashram

Striker – Tidy when in procession and committed when chasing the ball. Zane has found starting opportunities few and far between this season due to the level of competition. However, when called to do a job from the bench he has done just that. He is a dedicated player who never gives anything short of 110% for The Ton.

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