Sports Co 1 – 6 Erdington and Saltley

Saturday 20th July 2013 @ Sutton Coldfield Rugby Club

Sports Co 1 – 6 Erdington and Saltley

Scorers: Amari, Rayhaan x2, Shilo, Ramello, Ethan

July 2oth 2013, remember the date! That’s the date when the Erdington and Saltley squad of 2013/2014 played their first game together, but to the untrained eye it looked as if they had been playing together for years!

The whole squad came together (minus George and Tyreese) for a friendly against local Sunday league side Sports Co FC. After a understandably nervous opening five minutes, Erdington and Saltley found themselves 1-0 down to the home side. However, this was the only blip in an otherwise perfect morning!

With the nerves out of the way and the team switched from 2-3-3 to 3-3-2, The Ton settled into their stride and played some eye catching football. Both keepers, Alfie and Dermot played the ball out from the back, looking to build attacking moves from defence, rather than lumping the ball forward. Every outfield player passed the ball around on the floor with great confidence and never panicked when put under pressure from Sports Co. This was without doubt the most pleasing aspect of the game. The quality of the passing was breathtaking at times and fills the management team with a huge amount of confidence and excitement on the eve of the new season.

Every player deserves a mention but I would be here all day if I did that, so I’ll have to keep it brief! Both Amari and Shilo looked a menace up front thanks to their willingness to run at the defenders with the ball at their feet, whilst Ramello covered every blade of grass on the pitch! As mentioned above, both Dermot and Alfie released the ball quickly from goal and allowed the team to create many goal scoring opportunities. In defence, Michael and Ethan looked like seasoned pros, rather than two lads playing their first game in a new position, for a new team! Like I said, I could mention every player individually but I I’ll be here forever! What a great performance! What a team!

Well done boys, you should all be rightly proud of your efforts yesterday! I certainly am!

Enjoy the start of the six weeks holidays!

Up the Ton!

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