Erdington and Saltley 17 – 0 Marston Green FC

Saturday 7th September 2013 @ Wast Hills, Birmingham City FC Training Ground

Erdington and Saltley 17 – 0 Marston Green


Amari x 4 Ramello x 3  Shilo x 3  Jacob x 2  Ethan x 2  Daniel x 1  Tyrese x 1  Rayhaan x 1

Man of the match: Ramello

Considering this was The Ton’s first game of the preseason, there is a great deal to be happy about! However, before I start waxing lyrical about The Ton, I would like to praise the opposition. Marston Green FC are a Sunday league team and a fine one at that, which means they were always going to be up against it when squaring up to a district team. Nevertheless, they showed a huge amount of courage and bucket loads of determination, refusing to drop their heads at any stage in the match. We would all like to wish them the very best for their season and thank them for agreeing to play us at very short notice.


Whilst I’m thanking people, thanks to the Blues for letting us use their great facilities at Wast Hills. As an Aston Villa season ticket holder, that hurt me a little be to say that!


To the match…a clean sheet, resolute defending, free-flowing passing, dribbling that would make Stanley Matthews jealous, sublime goals and some mesmerising attacking play. The boys showed what they’re about and left the adoring Erdington and Saltley supporters wishing that the season would hurry up and start!


Before the match I asked the lads to do three things for me:

1. Hold their 2-4-2 formation

2. Attack with flair and freedom

3. Play the ball out from the back and allow Dermot to start as many of our attacks as possible

I’m proud to say that they lads did all three of these things, which bodes well for the future.

There are still things we need to work on and they’ll be many battles ahead, but as a starting point, it’s a very good one!


Well done lads! Bring on the Phoenix!


Up the Ton!

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