New Fixture Information

Saturday 26th October @ Braemar Road

Erdington and Saltley vs Aston


One off cup competition made up of three games:

Game 1: 4-a-side (10 minutes straight)

Game 2: 7-a-side (2 halves of 10 minutes)

Game 3: 9-a-side (2 halves of 15 minutes)


After all three games, the team who is leading the best of three series, will be crowned champions.

However, in the event of a draw (e.g. The Ton win the 9-a-side, Aston win the 4-a-side and we draw the 7-a-side) the trophy will be decided by a penalty shoot-out….with a twist!

The adults associated with each team (managers and parents) will take part in the shootout – penalty takers and keeper. Each team will get five penalties each. Sudden death will be used if necessary,


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