The Ton Win Another Cup!

Saturday 26th October 2013 @ Braemar Road

6-a-side (Year 5 only): Erdington and Saltley 0 – 0 Aston

Alfie, Daniel, Brayden, Rayhaan, Jacob, Kruize

7-a-side: Erdington and Saltley 1 – 3 Aston

Alfie, Daniel, Kieran, Leyton, Alex, Rayhaan, Kruize

Scorer: Keuize

9-a-side Erdington and Saltley 5 – 3 Aston

Dermot, Michael, Callum, Mark, Alex, Ethan, Amari, Ramello, Shilo, Tyrese, Kruize

Scorers: Ramello, Shilo x 2, Kruize, Tyrese

This was the first time that the whole squad have been together since the Phoenix game over a month ago and it only confirmed what I already knew…we’ve got one hell of a talented squad this year! Unfortunately it is just not possible to invite everyone to each game, I really wish it was!

The first game offered an opportunity for the younger members of The Ton squad to stake their claim for a place in the starting nine. It was also the first time that Kruize had represented his district and boy did he deliver! What pace and trickery! In what was a tight affair, we probably had the better of the chances, particularly towards the end of the game as Aston tired. Nevertheless we just couldn’t get the goal that we needed to claim the win. With Rayhaan pulling the strings in the centre of the park, Daniel sweeping up everything in defence and Kruize creating havoc with his pace, it was a performance that was just crying out for a slice of good fortune. Even so, the game reinforced my belief that the future of the district is in safe hands.

The second game saw some of the older heads come into the team, but the solidity that defined the first game was no longer there. After going a goal behind, the lads clawed their way back in and equalised through Kruize, only to concede again almost immediately. After thirty minutes of small sided action, Aston led the three game series 1-0 going into the 9-a-side game.

The first half of the deciding match was memorable for all of the wrong reasons, with Aston finishing almost all of their chances to take a 3-0 lead. It wasn’t that The Ton didn’t create chances, but we were simply not good enough. Players were caught out of position, effort was lacking and overall we were a mess. At half time, the lads were told in no uncertain terms that they needed to pull up their socks and play with some pride. District football is a huge honour, yet  many of the lads played during the first half as if they didn’t care. Fortunately, this team is made of pure class and the boys knew what they had to do in order to turn the tables on their local rivals.

Starting the second half like a juggernaut, The Ton scored two goals in quick succession and got on top of the game, a position we held for the remainder of the match. The passing was crisp and the attacking intention was sensational. More importantly, players held their position and stuck to their jobs. Further goals came through debutante Kruize and Ramello, as well as the exceptionally excited Tyrese! To overturn a 3-0 scoreline is a fantastic achievement and to play with so much class is brilliant. The second half is probably the best we’ve ever played as a team and I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say we could have scored eight goals. The bar has now been set high. We all now know what we’re capable of as a team and we must perform to such a high standard each and every week. If we can do this, the sky is the limit! This result also means The Ton share the Chris Smith Memorial Cup with Aston for 2013!

Man of the Match:

Six and Seven a side – Daniel for his refusal to let anybody get past him in defence.

Nine-a-side – Ethan for his second half display. By holding his position, the Wolves midfield schemer dictated play  and allowed the attackers to flood forward, safe in the knowledge that the back door hadn’t been left open.

Overall myself, Tonn and Jason were left feeling incredibly proud, as well as excited about the West Midlands 7-a-side that is just a couple of weeks away. Brilliant! Oh and what a great bunch of parents we have! Five fabulous penalties, all scored!

Up The Ton!

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