The 2014-2015 Team Kicks Off In Style

Saturday 27th July @ BCFC Training Ground, Wast Hills

Team: Kye, Shaun, Brandon, Callum, Kruize, Kane, Troy, Tyrese, Shilo, Hayden, Cameron, Tristan, Jermaine and Sam

Shilo x4
Troy x3
Kane x2
Hayden x1
Tyrese x1

Studley Colts FC
Feckenham FC
Studley Youth FC
Solihul Moors FC
Arden Forest FC

First of all I’m going to lay my cards on the table…my memory is not the best! When I sit down on the weekend to write these reports, I often cast my mind back and am met with a blur of memories! Therefore please don’t expect a blow by blow recount of events! However, despite the issues with my memory I do remember how well we came together as a team in our first ever games!

The weather was blistering (perhaps too hot!) and as 14 of the squad arrived refreshed and excited about the prospect of playing in their first ever district game, Tonn and I were full of optimism for some exhilarating attacking play. We weren’t left disappointed either! The first three games showcased what we both want to see each and every game – attacking football played at pace and an atmosphere that encourages the boys to try things without fear of making mistakes. The 2013/2014 team played some amazing football but the 2014/15 team matched them! With Shaun and Kye (and later Brandon, Sam and Callum) playing the ball out from the back, The Ton looked to pour forward with every opportunity. The attacking potential of the team was frightening! Kruize, Kane, Shilo, Troy, Tyrese, Cameron, Hayden, Tristan and Jermaine (Wow! That is a long list!) all wanted the ball and were not afraid to take responsibility going forward or when trying to regain possession for that matter! It was quite breathtaking stuff at times and the lads should be immensely proud of how quickly they gelled as a team, on and off the pitch.

If this is a sign of things to come, we’re going to be in for another exciting season, especially with Marc due to rejoin the squad following his holiday!

Well done boys and thank you parents for your support! Enjoy the six weeks holidays!

Up The Ton!

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