The only way is up!

Saturday 6th September 2014 @ Windy Arbor Primary School

Solihull    Goals vs. No Goals    Erdington and Saltley


Team: Kai, Shaunm Kye, Kruize, Jemriane, Teon, Tyrese, Shilo, Tristan, Kane, Troy


It’s that time of the year again…School’s back! That can only mean one thing…a new district season and sleepless Friday nights for me. For those of you who don’t really know me yet, I get very involved in district football…sad I know!

After waking up bright and early on Saturday morning I couldn’t wait for kick off to arrive.  Even though this was just a friendly, I felt the same as I did last season on the morning of the cup finals! Before the game Tonn and I asked the lads to commit themselves 100% regardless of the position they found themselves playing in. As this was our first district game as a team, it was important for the lads to get to know each other, as well as Tonn and I learning more about the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

With the game split into four periods of 15 minutes, the ref got the game underway and everyone was treated to a spectacle of fierce, but fair tackling, full blooded commitment and lots of great skill. Both teams were giving it everything that they had. The Ton unfortunately found themselves 1-0 behind after the first quarter, but in fairness it was a very equal game up until this point.

However things started to go wrong for The Ton from that point and throughout the rest  of the game we conceded goals at regular intervals. Solihull have the potential to have a great season this year, but so do we. It might sound crazy after suffering a heavy defeat, but we’re all exceptionally excited about the talent in this season’s squad. There is an abundance of talent everywhere that you look. More than you could shake a very big stick at in fact!

We must remember that we’ve got a very young team, with a number of players playing 9-a-side football for the first time yesterday. Kane and Troy remained upbeat throughout the match and refused to drop their heads, always looking for the ball in an attempt to make something happen for their older teammates. Shaun was a warrior in defence, at times resembling the Battle of the Alamo. Shilo and Tyrese prodded and probed from central midfield, particularly early in the game. The list of positives is much longer than the lads thought as they walked off immediately after the game. I could go on!

In adversity comes an opportunity to learn. Tonn, Lemar and I have learned loads from yesterday and I know each and everyone of the lads have too. My biggest disappointment is the fact that we don’t have a game next week where we can prove what we’ve learned.

Keep your heads held high lads, you’ve got nothing to feel down about and the best is still to come. I know this for a fact!


Man of the Match – Teon Sappleton.

Although not originally named in the match day squad, Teon was called up following a couple of withdrawals. He took this opportunity with both hands and gave a composed performance in the centre of the park. He looked to release the ball quickly, with the vast majority of his passes finding a teammate and forming the start of an attack. The Arden Forest schemer has well and truly played himself into the first team picture ahead of the start of the competitive season. Well done Teon!


Enjoy your first full week at school boys!


Up The Ton!

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