Thank You

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the players from both Kings Norton and Erdington and Saltley, as well as the parents for their wonderful minutes applause for the legend that is Bernard Day.

As I explained this morning, if it wasn’t for Bernard and the help and support that he gave me a few years ago, there would be no Ton.

Prior to 2012 there hadn’t been an Erdington and Saltley under 11s team for a great number of years. When I started the team again I didn’t have a clue what I was doing (I know what you’re thinking, not a lot has changed!) and Bernard was there to offer many pearls of wisdom, some of which can’t be repeated here! He sorted out kit for me and a pitch, offered advice and even helped with my first set of trials.

He managed both the Sutton Coldfield boys and girls under 11s teams, as well as others, for longer than I’ve been able to walk and gave up so much of his time over the years for the benefit of Brummie youngsters.

A great man. A great loss.

A friend. A mentor. A one off.

Bernard was a true red – a scouser who loved Liverpool. So in honour of his beloved reds…you’ll never walk alone big man!!


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