The Ton Suffer Late, Late, Late Heartbreak

Saturday 18th October 2014 @ Braemar Road

Erdington and Saltley 1 – 3 Brierley Hill and Dudley


Team: Harvey, Alfie, Shaun, Kane, Brandon, Hayden, Jermaine, Teon, Shilo, Troy, Cameron and Kruize

Goal – Troy


Last week we played really well and suffered a couple of sucker punches and lost the game 2-0. This week was entirely different because this week we played exceptionally well. From the first whistle to the last we dominated the game. Our passing was crisp. We played through the thirds. We battled. We lost. Football has a funny way of kicking you when you’re down!

Playing into the wind and up the infamous Braemar hill, we set out to attack Brierley Hill and Dudley from the very first minute of the game. Shilo and Teon were controlling the centre of the park, as Kruize caused problems up front with his pace and direct running. Time and time again we looked to play the ball on the floor rather than kicking it long. The wind was so strong that we couldn’t have kicked the ball in the air even if we had wanted to! Kane was making plenty of dangerous runs down the left from his defensive position, linking up well with Jermaine in the process. As the half wore on, so did our dominance. The goal was ironically very scrappy considering the amount of good football that we’d played up to that point! Shilo and Cameron put pressure on the keeper and Troy nipped in to tuck the ball away. At half time we deservedly led 1-0.

The second half couldn’t have started any worse with Dudley scoring a heavily deflected goal after a minute of the restart. The boys refused to drop their heads and continued to play attractive passing football. Chances came and went and with the clock ticking down the game looked destined for a draw. However with a few minutes left on the clock, Dudley played a long ball forward for their striker to charge down and poke past the onrushing Alfie. If that wasn’t bad enough they went on to do it again in almost identical fashion with seconds left on the clock. Credit where credit is due…well done Dudley. Yam did good ennit!

I’ve never felt so crushed after a defeat. It was even easier to take last season when we lost in two cup finals! On those occasions I knew that we’d been beat by the better team. I 100% believe that we were the better team today by some distance. I think we played some incredible football and gave it our all. That’s why I find it so hard to stomach. However, as my old nan used to say “What makes you bad, makes you good”. Now my old nan could talk in riddles with the best of them, but basically she meant that we can learn from every disappointment and become stronger for it.

Next week we’re up against Aston in what will be a very tough game. If we do what we did today and throw in a bit of what we did last week, we’ll be a match for anyone. We’re on the brink of something beautiful lads! Hang in there and don’t lose the faith!


Man of the Match –  Shilo. A captain’s performance from a boy who is growing in stature with every passing week.


Up The Ton!!!!

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