The Ton’s Unbeaten Run Ends on Frustrating Morning

Wolverhampton 5-3 Erdington and Saltley

Team: Harvey, Kye, Brandon, Shaun, Jermaine, Hayden, Teon, Tyrese, Cameron, Samim

Scorers: Tyrese x 2 and Teon


The unbeaten run that stretched back over three months finally came to an end this morning. However, we might be down but we’re certainly not out and we’ll come back even stronger than before! Isn’t that right lads?


The game couldn’t have started any better, with captain Tyrese putting us 2-0 up after ten minutes, making a mockery of the fact that we were missing six players (Shilo, Kruize, Kane, Troy, Sam and Tristan) in the process. The first of Ty’s goals came from kick off, as he raced forward and thanks to his and Cameron’s hard work, managed to get a shot on goal that took a deflection off a Wolve’s defender before nestling in the back of the net. His second was a touch of class as he went on a mazy run and poked it home past the keeper. With our tails in the air we were working our socks off and everything was going right until the game changed in the final ten minutes of the first half, with Wolves scoring three goals in quick succession to take the lead.


Despite trying to pick the lads up at half time it was to no avail, as Wolves stretched their lead further during the second half. Leading 5-2, we scored a third through a stooping Teon header. At 5-3 we seemed to wake up a little and had a couple more chances to drag ourselves back into the game. On the whole we probably created more goal scoring chances today than we did last week when defeating Harborne, however we simply didn’t defend well enough as a team and were punished by a Wolves team who worked their socks off and should be very proud of their morning’s work.


It is certainly worth reiterating the message that we delivered after the game. One bad result doesn’t make us a bad team and we should learn more from today than we have from the unbeaten run. In adversity comes opportunities to learn and progress. Next week we’ll have to work harder, keep our shape better and defend better as a team. More importantly, do you know what? We will! We will do all of those things and much more and we’ll be a better team for it!


Everyone has a bad day at the office. I have bad days as a teacher where the lessons that I’m teaching don’t go as I would have hoped. I’m 30 years old. You lot are 9, 10 and 11 at the very most. You’re allowed to have days like today. It’s how we respond next week that’s more important than today.


Man of the Match – Cameron for his tireless effort and intelligent play.


Up The Ton!

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