League Update – How Things Stand

Yesterday’s result, no matter how disappointing, has done little to change our standing in the league. In terms of the West Midlands league it was already probably game over after we suffered early season defeats to Kings Norton and Dudley, especially as we only get to play each team once in this competition.

However in terms of the Birmingham League it’s a case of as you were, no matter how daunting Kings Norton’s lead might currently look! Prior to yesterday we were still relying on our rivals from the south of Birmingham to drop points in at least one game, as well as us having to win our match when we meet. This remains the case. The Birmingham League is far from over!

Our remaining fixtures are as follows:


Sutton Coldfield

South Birmingham

East Birmingham

Kings Norton


Kings Norton’s remaining fixtures are:

East Birmingham (twice)


Sutton Coldfield

Erdington and Saltley


We’re relying on some luck and another team to do us a favour, but as Cambridge, Bolton, Middlesbrough and Bradford have shown this weekend, anything is possible in football and nothing can be taken for granted!


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