The Ton Suffer Late Heartbreak But Gain Respect

Friday 8th May 2015 @ Bodymoor Heath

Erdington and Saltley 1-2 Kings Norton

Team: Harvey, Brandon, Tyrese, Shaun, Shilo, Kruize, Marc, Troy, Kane, Jermaine, Hayden, Sam and Cameron

Scorer: Kruize

I once read that football doesn’t build character, it reveals it. For me, that theory was illustrated tonight by the 13 warriors in black and white. After a long and exceptionally successful season, tonight was the night when everything clicked and fell into place. Well almost everything. Unfortunately we just didn’t have luck on our side.

The first half of tonight’s final was a privilege to watch. Before the game we made the point of discussing last season’s final. For those that don’t know, we lost heavily to South Birmingham after a young man named Tim put on a masterclass. We talked about how all those present that night still remember that performance one year on. Well those present tonight will remember our performance, particularly the first half, for many years to come.

We gave the lads three points to act upon during the first half:

1- for our attitude to be perfect
2- to carry out our tactical instructions
3- to pass the ball quickly, rather than holding on to it for too long

Each of these was carried out and more during the first 25 minutes. The manner in which we zipped and pinged the ball around was amazing. Intricate one-twos were made all over the pitch, with every player confident when in possession. With the trio of Troy, Kane and Marc controlling the centre of the park, it was left to Shilo and Kruize to attack the box from the wings. After 15 mins the first goal came via a succulent move involving three or four quick one touch passes and a half volley from Kruize. Amazing? No that doesn’t do it justice!

With The Ton in total control, another goal seemed certain. Despite a ten man goal mouth scramble, we were unable to squeeze the ball over the line and the score remained 1-0, much to the amazement of all those present.

The second half saw more of the same, with the boys letting the ball do the talking, as quick passing remained the main feature of our play. At the back, the trio of Tyrese, Brandon and Shaun kept Kings Norton at arms length and reduced them to a couple of shots from distance during the first 35 minutes of the game.

After missing the goal mouth scramble, The Ton came agonisingly close to extending the lead once again, only to find the woodwork in the way this time. Bursting down the right, Kruize looped a cross into the box, where Troy met it on the volley. Bang! It smashed off the crossbar and rebounded out. So close!

With the ref’s watch entering the final nine minutes, Kings Norton won a corner. It’s at this point that Lady Luck really kicked us when we were down. Not content with the aforementioned near misses, she now levelled the game via a clearance that bounced off our own man and landed in the back of the net. As the stopwatch approached four minutes remaining, Kings Norton broke the hearts of The Ton, after scoring to seal victory.

Obviously I’m biased, but there’s no way we deserved to lose that final. No way. That’s not to take anything away from Kings Norton, who’ve had a remarkable season and should be proud of their efforts. Well done boys! Congratulations!

As for our boys…proud. Proud. Proud and proud!

Today was a day to prove the theory that football is cruel. However it was also the day when we came together as a united team and the day when we created a memory for all those present at the game. One year from now they’ll all recall the night they saw The Ton play.

We’ll bounce back and come again. We always do!

Man of the Match – Marc:
Tackling, passing, attacking, defending and scoop passes. There’s nothing he couldn’t do tonight!

Up The Ton!

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