Our Vision, Mission and Values have been updated

Our Vision

To develop well disciplined student-athletes who strive for educational and footballing excellence.

Our Mission

We aim to create an atmosphere that allows the players to grow as young people, as well as improving as footballers.

As teachers who voluntarily run the district football teams, we wish to spread the message  through sport, that learning is about the process of personal experience; that the opportunity to experience is the key to developing understanding. We wish to provide the opportunities to raise expectation and aspirations, nurture personality and encourage an awareness of common responsibility so that knowledge and skills can be used in all areas of life.

In short, our mission is to:

  • Develop student/athletes who are committed to personal excellence and team success.
  • Provide an inspirational and motivational environment where preparation, practice and hard work generate legitimate opportunities for success.
  • Emphasize the importance and development of fundamentals and techniques necessary for positive experiences in football and in life.
  • Create a consistently exciting and entertaining program that generates huge levels of support, pride and tradition for all our community to share

Our Core Values


We give everything that we have, in everything that we do.

When playing football, we ‘leave everything on the pitch’. After a game has finished, we can    honestly say that we couldn’t try any harder. We’re exhausted through the effort that we put in during the game. No opponent runs further than we do, tackles harder or jumps higher.

If we win, it’s due to the effort that we put in during the game. If we lose, it’s because we came up against an opponent of superior ability, rather than a team who worked harder. Losing to a better opponent is fine. It’s a fact of life. However losing to a team because they tried harder than we did is not something that we will accept.

In school we will transfer this value to our work. We will strive for academic  excellence by ensuring that we try our best in every lesson, regardless of whether it’s our favourite lesson or not. We understand that education has the power to transform our lives and that we must make the most of the opportunities provided to us by our teachers and school.


We always do what is right. We are always  honest and never lie. We show loyalty and respect to our parents, coaches, teammates, opponents and officials. This is something that we replicate in school-life.

When we arrive on match-day, we approach all of our coaches and greet them by saying  hello and shaking them by the hand. We do the same for our teammates.

During a game we accept the officials’ decisions, even if we disagree with them. We do not question them, answer them back or question their integrity. The officials’ decisions are final.

After a game we thank the referee for his/her effort and shake their hand. We then offer three cheers for our opponents, before shaking each of their team by the hand, even those with whom we might have had a disagreement with during the course of the match.

We always offer to set-up equipment for a match, as well as offering to help tidying up after a game. We do not look to avoid helping out with chores and jobs.

We know the value of manners and always use them. We always show respect to our coaches, even if we disagree with a decision that they’ve made. We know that being a  substitute before and during a game is simply part of the sport and accept it without sulking.


We realise that playing for the district is a huge honour and one that is only bestowed upon a lucky few each season. Therefore we will approach each session and game with a smile on our face. We know that we play our best football when we’re relaxed and enjoying ourselves.

School days are the happiest days of our life and we intend to make the very most of them!

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