Under 10s Show Their Class

Saturday 24th October 2015

BPSFA Under 10s Festival @ Heartlands Academy

Golds: Gerard, Taylor, Blessing, Ilani, Cameron E, Kian, Che and William

Goals – Kian x 1, Blessing x 1, Che x 2, Ilani x 2, William x 1, Cameron x 1, Taylor x 1

Played 6, Won 3 and Drew 3

Black and Whites: Rob, Sam, Cameron P, Tiarno, Carter, Bobby, Danny, Bradley and Eddie

Eddie x 3, Cameron P x 7, Tiarno x 3,

Played 6, Won 5 and Drew 1

This is less of a match report and more of a reflection as I don’t have the memory required to piece together all of the action from the 12 games!

The fact that the lads ended the morning as the only unbeaten district is something to be rightly proud of, although the manner in which we achieved this is the thing to be most proud of. Throughout the morning we played exciting football which constantly showed how intelligent the lads are as footballers. The ‘dirty’ stuff was there too, with all of the boys working their socks off and giving it their very best, but that’s a given anyway! When they had the ball they looked to attack with pace and guile, producing passages of 9 and 10 passes from the defenders to the attackers.

Highlights of the morning are plentiful but here are a few:

  • The debut of under 9 Bobby – the Broadmeadow midfielder came highly recommended by good friend Wayne from Bromford Lions and did not look out of place! It also means we’ve now got four incredibly talented under 9 players as Aidan, Resharne and Reece were all absent due to Aston Villa commitments but will return to the fold.
  • The example set to the u10s by Cameron P, Sam and Rob – playing with the younger boys meant this trio had to lead by example and this is exactly what they did. Well done lads!
  • The style of football played – as mentioned above, the lads played great football and show signs that they’re developing as a unit
  • Our defence and keepers – both teams only conceded a single goal and this came when The Ton played The Ton!

So the overriding feeling that we left with was one of immense pride and excitement! What a great bunch of kids and what a team they’re developing into. The hard work has to continue if we’re to get close to achieving anything near what the under 11s have over the past three seasons, but this is something that we know they’re more than capable of. This is just the start!

Man of the Match:

Golds – Taylor

Black and Whites – Cameron P

Up The Ton!

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