Under 10s Show Their Class

Wednesday 16th December 2015 @ Heartlands Academy

Erdington and Saltley W – L Colron

Team: Gerard, Taylor, Resharne, Blessing, Cameron E, William, Ilani, Kian, Eddie and Che



The score-line is irrelevant. The performance and attitude of the lads was more impressive than any score-line could ever be.

This is less a match report and more a reflection! I don’t know who scored what or when.

ATTITUDE – every single one of the lads displayed an exemplary attitude from start to finish. They ran their socks off, held their positions, supported each other and played as a team rather than chasing personal glory. This is a great compliment because it would have been easy to chase the goals, but they didn’t. They stuck to the instructions which were simple – pass and pass quickly. Throughout the whole game this is exactly what they did.

EXECUTION – as stated above, our instructions were simple: let the ball do the work and constantly find space so that you can receive it. Every player did this superbly, with very few passes going astray. The accuracy of our passing was possibly the best we’ve ever seen.

DETERMINATION – after conceding the goal, the lads got visibly annoyed. This was great to see! It showed how determined they were and are. The one lapse in concentration was punished and this annoyed the life out of the lads. Brilliant!

FUN – smiles, laughs and jokes. Just what we want. Just what we demand!


Despite not playing for some time, the lads gelled quickly and looked like they played together every week. There’ll be plenty more games during the second part of the season, so lots of opportunities to continue growing as a team. Plus there are other lads set to return to the team, after being rested for tonight. Very exciting indeed!


A special mention for Colron, who were a credit to their team and should hold their heads up high. They kept going from start to finish and showed great sportsmanship throughout. Well done boys!


Thank you parents and lads for your great support and effort and roll on 2016!


Man of the Match – Ilani. Eight goals and a truly devastating captain’s performance!


Up The Ton!

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