Goals Galore in Glorious Gloucester Game

Friday 10th March 2016 @ Heartlands Academy

Erdington and Saltley 7 – 5 Gloucester


Team: Gerard, Taylor, Kian, Blessing, William, Cameron E, Ilani, Resharne, Reece and Che

Goals: Resharne x 3, Cameron E x 2, Ilani and Blessing


After spending three days in London visiting some of the most inspirational schools in the country as part of  my professional development as a teacher, I found myself sitting in traffic for four hours, whilst travelling from London to Loughborough University for the fourth and final day of my tour. Surrounded by aspiring head teachers and immersed in conversation related to the incredible pedagogy and leadership that we’d witnessed between Wednesday and Friday, I cut a very distracted figure for a 90 minute period!

Repeatedly checking my phone, I was too distracted to give the school leadership debate my full attention. At first my colleagues were a little confused, with some even concerned that the intensive few days had taken its toll on me. Suggesting I have a power-nap, they soon understood my distant state of mind when I told them that The Ton were in action! They know what this district means to me! They know I’m a little obsessed!

Time and time again my phone buzzed to alert me that the ball had hit the back of the net. Frustratingly the first two alerts were far from welcome, with the boys slipping two goals behind within the opening minutes of the game. Disheartened by my inability to have an impact on the game, I had to rely on Tonn (who we all know is the brains of the operation) to turn the boys around and before long he and they had done just that!

By the second quarter of the encounter, the boys had turned the two goal deficit around and were leading the game. However each time that I thought they’d wrapped the game up by stretching their lead to two goals, Gloucester came racing back. By this stage my fingernails had taken the brunt of my frustration.

Fidgeting in my seat, my colleagues knew it could mean only one thing…the final whistle was approaching but not quick enough! Just when I thought I couldn’t take any further punishment, a text alert informed me that we had once again taken a two goal lead. Thankfully this time it was in the dying seconds of the game and ushered in the final whistle!

After speaking to a number of parents, Gloucester staff and Tonn, I’m gutted after missing such an entertaining game. Based on how exhausted I was following the end of the game, I can only begin to imagine how shattered the players and fans were!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support and thank you to Gloucester for being a great guest as ever. I’m told your boys played some wonderfully entertaining football, which is a great achievement following a trek up the motorway on a Friday night!

A special thank you to William’s mum for taking over as head of catering in my absence. I’m pleased to say that the trial was a success and the job is yours.

Well done boys!

Up The Ton!

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