2016/2017 Trials: Friday 13th May

A huge thank you to all of the 60+ boys who attended last night’s trials at Heartlands Academy. The attitude and application of all of the boys was sensational. They gave it their very best and left nothing out on the pitch; that is something to be incredibly proud of.

Unfortunately some boys have to leave the selection process at this stage. However as I said last night, they should do so with their heads held high and chests puffed out. They were a credit to their schools and families.

As discussed, those boys who don’t play for a team, there are plenty out there. District football consists of the very best of local talent – all of which plays for a professional academy or a local Sunday League team. Therefore if your son did not make it through to round two, please contact one of the local teams listed below.

Thank you parents too for your positive encouragement of the boys last night and for making the effort to attend at the end of a long week.

Details of round two will be published before the end of the weekend.

Thank you







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