2016/2017 Trials: Boys Currently in Year 3 or 4

Thank you to all of those that braved the chilly, wet evening on Thursday. The effort and application of the boys was brilliant and the support of the parents was incredibly positive, which made for a relaxed atmosphere for the boys to showcase their talent.

As discussed, the 40 or so boys will now be split into two groups, as this will make it easier to manage and ensure that they get maximum exposure.

The groups are as follows:

Group One 

Player School
Klechai Gaynor Yenton
Perry Sitch Marsh Hill
Kian Shewell Heathlands
Rhys Franics Webb Marsh Hill
Olly Williams Brownmead
Toby Ugorji Abbey
Patrick Reilly Abbey
Jamie Proudfoot Oasis
Jaiy Leydon St. Peter & Paul
Jack Ritchie Oasis
Liam Lees Audley
Connor White Audley
Fareed Sulaiman St. Wilfred’s
Che Walker Erdington Hall
Jeval McKenzie Featherstone
Aaron Egginton Audley
James Gallagher Abbey
Tyrese Warmington Birches Green
Bobby Newman Manning Brownmead
Cameron Black Featherstone


Group Two 

Player School
Tinotenda Madziwa Yenton
Jadyn Bortey Angenu-Agoe St. Matthew’s
Aidan Subhan St. Peter and Paul
Liam Shanahan St. Peter and Paul
Callum O’Brien Abbey
Louie Dainty St. Wilfred’s
Harry Sheperd Yenton
Ajani Martin Ward End
Archie Moore St. Peter and Paul
Kian Coughlan Marsh Hill
Fydel Oval
Telpher Patterson St. Barnabas
Padraig Egan Abbey
Luke Drust St. Peter and Paul
Navaro St. Barnabas
Lewis O’Leary St. Wilfred’s
Joshua Gunn Abbey
Callum Wilson Birches Green


The dates and times of the next year 3/4 trials will be published very soon.


Thank you for your continued support.

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