2016/17 Under 10s Squad

Due to the awful weather on Friday, the second of the under 10s trials had to be abandoned. It will now take play in approximately two weeks. However as the boys from the first trial have been waiting for a week to find out if they made the team, I am going to name part of the final squad now.

Please note, although the named boys are definitely in the 2016/17 squad, the boys who still have to compete their second trial could still be added as additional squad members. This does not impact their chances of making the squad, I simply couldn’t keep the boys from trial one waiting for any longer.

It is with great pleasure to announce that the following players have been picked to represent the district next season:

Year Four in 2016/17

Alfie – Abbey
Toby – Abbey
Che – Erdington Hall
Jeval – Featherstone
Kian – Heathlands

Year Five in 2016/17

Recharne – Brookvale
Reece -St Mary and St John
Aidan – Abbey
Bobby – Brownmead
Aaron – Audley
Klechai – Yenton
Connor – Audley
Fareed – St. Wilfred’s
Liam – Audley
Tyrese – Birches Green
Jaiy – St. Peter and St. Paul
James G – Abbey
Patrick – Abbey

To all of the boys that didn’t make the squad, please keep your head held high and continue showcasing your talents for your school and Sunday league teams. The fact that you’ve not made the team does not make you a bad player. In fact you’ve done amazing this year and should be incredibly proud! Thank you for giving it 100%. It has been a pleasure.

Also thank you parents for your continued support.

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