The Jersey 2017: Day Six 

Thursday 13th April 2017 @ FB Playing Feilds, St. Helier

Erdington and Saltley 3 – 0 Plymouth

Team: Gerard, Tiarno, Taylor, Danny, Ilani, Cian, Cameron, William, Che, Kian and Blessing

Goals: Blessing, Taylor and Cameron

Finally it clicked! Finally everything fell into place. Today was the first day since we’ve been in Jersey that everything was just right. From the moment the boys got up, until the moment the boys stepped onto the pitch, everything was perfect.

Plymouth are a quality team. Up until today they’d been on form. However our boys were too good.

The first goal was a messy affair, with Blessing poking home from a yard out following a goal mouth scramble. At 1-0 up at half time, the boys were told to release the ball quicker.

With Cameron now up front and Ilani in midfield, the boys repeatedly released the ball quickly to put Cameron through on goal. In midfield William, Cian, Blessing and Che supported Ilani in putting Cameron through to face the Plymouth keeper. On another day the lads would have got a few more goals, although the Plymouth keeper should be praised for pulling off a few class goals.

Our second goal came from a corner and via the knee of Taylor, before the third goal was slotted away with a touch of class from Cameron. The three goal lead was no more than we deserved. Clinical in attack and robust in defence. The boys were fantastic!

Off the pitch we went for a round of golf and some clay pigeon shooting. The shooting was won by me and the golf was won by no one as they all cheated! The shot selection in both activities was interesting to say the least! In clay pigeon shooting, most of the boys shot themselves in the foot. Whilst on the golf course, the lads genuinely believed the aim was to get the highest score possible! If that was the aim of golf, Blessing would definitely have won at a canter.

After a walk around the town on the evening, the boys had an impromptu dance competition. Blessing stole the show with some interesting moves!

Up The Ton!

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