Jersey 2017: Facts and Figures


2-2 Orpington

1-3 St. Albans

0-1 Potters Bar

1-2 Jersey

3-0 Plymouth

4-2 Barking and Dagenham

Cameron x 7

Ilani x 2


Player of the Week: Danny – a consistent force from the start of the week, Danny nailed down the right back position and kept every opponent who he came up against quiet. He has grown and developed as the season has progressed and is now one of the first names on the team sheet.

Every single one of the players did themselves proud this week and they all contributed to a great visit to Jersy. We are all so proud of how much the lads grew during the week and there’s nothing we’d change about our second visit to the Channel Islands. Thank you boys for a great week!

Number of songs created: one

number of times the word ‘violated’ was said: 7639

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