2017 Trials – Year 3 and 4 Boys – Round Three

Dear parents and players,

Thank you for your support and effort respectively this evening. Tonight was a pleasure for us coaches, despite the miserable conditions. The boys were a credit to you and they did themselves and their school proud.

The effort and attitude of the boys was amazing.

At this stage in the trial process it is really hard when deciding who to put through to the next round. Regardless of who makes it through to the round three, all of the boys should hold their head up high, safe in the knowledge that they gave it everything that they had.

We would like to thank all parents for their support since round one and all of the boys for their effort over the past few weeks. We have some incredibly talented boys in our district!

If your son didn’t make it through to the third round, we look forward to welcoming you to the trials this time next year. It is important to remember that the main district team consists of year six boys, whereas all of those at tonight’s trial will only be in either year 4 or 5 next academic year. Just because a player didn’t make it through this year, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future.

The following boys have made it through to round three (details to follow):

Year Three Boys

  1. Danny C – Abbey
  2. Ethan M – Abbey
  3. Kayden H – Marsh Hill
  4. Tre’vaun F – St. Barnabas
  5. Hughie B – Abbey
  6. Mason T – Audley
  7. Keon G – St. Peter and Paul

Year Four Boys

  1. Benjamin G – Hillstone
  2. Rhys F W – Marsh Hill
  3. Jay C – Abbey
  4. Callam O’N – Audley
  5. Owen M – St. Barnabas
  6. Tavani C – St. Clement’s
  7. Cameron B – Featherstone
  8. James H – St. Peter and Paul
  9. Kamani G – St. Peter and Paul
  10. Dylan T – Yenton
  11. Malachi L – Featherstone
  12. Luke M – Brookvale
  13. Adriel A – Birches Green
  14. Elias O – Cromwell

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