Girls Continue to Grow

Thursday 14th September 2017 @ Hollyfield Club, Erdington

Erdington and Saltley W – L South Birmingham

Team: Liberty, Latia, Tiana, Millie, Lacy, Amne, Rihanna, Savannah, Kayla, Octavia and Sami

Goals: Liberty, Latia, Lacy, Rihanna, Savannah and Octavia

Girl of the Match: Liberty


What a joy this team of girls are! Funny, friendly, hardworking, talented and determined – they have the lot!

Thursday was another showing of their undeniable talent and another reason for us all to be proud of them! From start to finish they were brilliant. Both on and off the ball, the girls gave it everything that they had. ALL of them!

After racing into an early three goal lead, the girls never looked back and simply went from strength to strength.

A number of the goals were top class too! The most memorable ones were arguably a great Lacy free kick and a brilliant passing move involving Lacy, Liberty and Latia.

This is the first season that I have managed the girls’ team but it’s already turning out to be one that will last long in the memory for all involved.


Well done girls!

Up The Ton!

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