2018/19 Preseason Blog

June -September 2018

Saturday 30th June 2018 @BCFC Wast Hills 

BPSFA Summer Festival 

As part of the trial process, The Ton entered two sides into the BPSFA Summer festival, kindly hosted by Birmingham City FC.

The black team finished second in their group and qualified for an all-Erdington and Saltley semi-final. In their three group games they beat East Birmingham, lost to Sutton Coldfield and drew with South Birmingham.

On the other side of the draw, the gold team finished their group campaign with three wins from their three games. Tavani and Callam scored the goals in a 2-0 victory over East Birmingham, with the latter ascoring his second of the day to add to Markie’s as the Gold team downed Newbury 2-0. In their final game of the day they beat South Birmingham 1-0 courtesy of a Daniel goal.

The semi-final was an understandably tight affair, with neither Ton side wanting to concede ground and honour. The game was settled by a penalty shootout, with the Gold team making the final against Sutton Coldfield. It proved one game too many for the boys as they slipped to a 2-0 defeat.

Goals: Callam x 2, Markie and Daniel

Team: Cody, Ethan, Toby, Jack, Tavani, Romaoe, Cian S, Cian L, Daniel, Markie, Jeval, Callam and Rhys

Wednesday 18th July 2018 @ Hobmoor Academy

Erdington and Saltley Gold 1 – 3 South Birmingham Blues 

The scoreline does not do the effort of the lads justice. A sloppy ten minute spell during the opening third saw the lads slip three goals behind. After the opening twenty, the boys regrouped and controlled the game for a number of periods. They were eventually rewarded with a Kyran goal, although they could turn the tie around despite their best efforts.

Goal: Kyran

Team: Danny, Cole, Daniel, Declan, Hughey, Jahkadi, Kayden, Kian C, Keon, Lennon, Kyran, Oscar, Riley, Sean

Wednesday 25th July 2018 @ Alvechurch FC 

Erdington and Saltley Gold 0 – 3 Alvechurch u11s

Erdington and Saltley Gold 0 – 0 Queens Park u11s (Trinidad and Tobago) 

Erdington and Saltley Black 4 – 2 Alvechurch u12s 

Erdington and Saltley Black 0 – 3 Queens Park u12s (Trinidad and Tobago)

It was an evening of mixed fortunes for The Ton, as both teams played opponents who were a year older. With two 30 minute games each, there were many moment of excellent play, as well as several mistakes that will need to be eradicated before the real action starts in September.

While the Black team burst out of the blocks in their opening game, the Gold team found things a little tougher. Goals from Callam, Markie and a brace from Cian L were enough to give the Black team an opening victory.

The Gold team bounced back against Queens Park and could have stole the win on another evening with Daniel going close. However, over on the adjacent pitch, the Black team found their second game a much difficult affair and were unable to replicate the form they showed in their opening game.

Goals: Cian L x 2, Callam and Markie

Gold Team: Cody, Cole, Daniel, Declan, Jahkadi, Kayden, Kyran, Oscar, Riley, Sean, Rhys and Joshua

Black Team: Ethan, Cian L, Daniel, Markie and Callam

Monday 30th July 2018 @ AVFC Bodymoor Heath 

Erdington and Saltley Gold 5 – 6 Aston 

In an end to end encounter, the Gold team experienced a  wide range of emotions on a night of huge highs and crushing lows, including conceding a last minute goal goal to give Aston the Win.

With Riley bagging four goals and Cody scoring from a goal kick, the boys showed lots of promise against their older opponents. Keon and Lennon caused problems throughout, while Joshua and Kayden added additional creative spark. At the back, Cody, Sean, Ethan and debutante Wiktor proved a strong unit, with the majority of goals conceded once a raft of changes were made.

Overall it was an excellent preseason encounter and one that told us much about the side ahead of the new season.

Goals: Riley x 4 and Cody

Team: Cody, Daniel, Declan, Jahkadi, Kayden, Kian M, Keon, Lennon, Kyran, Oscar, Riley and Sean

Monday 6th August 2018 @ AVFC Bodymoor Heath 

Erdington and Saltley Gold 1 – 1 South Birmingham Blue 

Erdington and Saltley Gold 3 – 0 Erdington and Saltley C 

Erdington and Saltley C 0 – 0 South Birmingham Blue


Three weeks on from their first ever game and a 3-1 loss to South Birmingham Blue, the gold team showed the progress they’ve made in such a short time as they drew 1-1 with the very same opponents. After leading for the majority of the game and scoring a great team goal via Cian, the boys conceded late on, although it wasn’t enough to take the shine off a great evening for the lads.

The other Erdington team also drew against South Birmingham Blue, showcasing the strength in depth in the squad, before finding the gold team a step too far.

Overall it was an excellent evening and great to see how far the boys have come over the course of preseason.

Goals: Cian M, Riley, Kyran and Joshua

Gold team: Cody, Sean, Hugey, Wiktor, Ethan, Lennon, Cian, Joshua, Kyran, Kayden and Riley

C team: Charlie, Harry, Remel, Declan, Jahkadi, Theo, Daniel, Kai and Dylan

Thursday 16th August 2018 @ Jaffray Road 

Erdington and Saltley Black 5 – 0 Phoenix United u12s 

In their first game for a number of weeks, the Black team stepped up to the challenge of tackling a talented Phoenix side who were a year older than all of our players, and two years older than some of the lads.

The game afforded us the chance to try out new formations and play lads in 2 or 3 different positions ahead of the start of the district season on Saturday 8th September.

The goals were shared round, with five separate players getting on the score sheet on an evening when the boys played some really good football.

Going forward, there is plenty to work on, with our inability to release the ball at the right time an area to improve. However this victory was littered with positives and offered so much to be excited about!

Goals: Markie, Alfie, Cian L, Tavani and Joshua

Team: Padraig, Mason, Toby, Daniel, Markie, Tavani, Joshua, Cian L, Alfie and Jeval

Friday 31st August 2018 @ Jaffray Road 

Erdington and Saltley Black W – L Phoenix United u11s 

The black team concluded their preseason preparations in style, beating a spirited and talented Phoenix side in comprehensive style. With goals spread around the team, there was nothing Phoenix could do to stop the lads in their tracks despite their best efforts.

A special mention to Kian Bushell who made his debut for the year 6 side despite only being in year four.

Well done boys!

Goals: Toby x 7, Alfie x 4, Markie x 3, Daniel x 2

Team: Padraig, Toby, Daniel, Markie, Tavani, Sean, Hughey, Alfie, Kian B, Rhys and Callam


Pre-season Stats: Black Team 

Name – Games – Goals

  1. Cody 3 – 0
  2. Jeval 2 – 0
  3. Rhys 2 – 0
  4. Ethan 2 – 0
  5. Markie 4 – 6
  6. Toby 3 – 7
  7. Daniel 4 – 3
  8. Tavani 4 – 2
  9. Che 1 – 0
  10. Kian S 1 – 0
  11. Cian L 3 – 3
  12. Alfie 3 – 5
  13. Romaeo 1 – 0
  14. Joshua 1 – 1
  15. Callam 3 – 3


Pre-season Stats: GoldTeam 

Name – Games – Goals

  1. Danny 1 – 0
  2. Cole 2 – 0
  3. Daniel 4 – 0
  4. Declan 4 – 0
  5. Hughey 3 – 0
  6. Jahkadi 4 – 0
  7. Kayden 4 – 0
  8. Kian C 2 – 1
  9. Keon 2 – 0
  10. Lennon 3 – 0
  11. Kyran 4 – 2
  12. Oscar 4 – 0
  13. Riley 4 – 5
  14. Sean 4 – 0
  15. Joshua 2 – 1

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