Gold Team Play Superbly Despite Defeat

Saturday 24th November 2018 @ Vale Stadium, Castle Vale

Aston A 7-3 Erdington and Saltley Gold

Team: Jude, Ethan, Wiktor, Hughey, Oscar, Elijah, Lennon, Gonzalo, Joshua, Keon, Kayden and Kyran

Goals: Joshua x 2 and Gonzalo

Man of the Match: Lennon – on a day when Joshua was terrifying, Gonzalo a menace, Keon spell-binding and Ethan ferocious in defence, Lennon picked up the award for a performance full of tenacity and drive. This was epitomised by a 30 second spell where he won the ball in centre mid courtesy of a crunching sliding tackle, before sprinting back to prevent a goal by heading the ball clear.

At the start of the season we sat down with the Gold team and talked about the season ahead. We discussed the fact that we would win some and lose some. The fact that the 3 or 4 year 6 boys in the squad had to lead from the front. We discussed the need for the younger players to be fearless against older opponents and just play their game.

As we approach Christmas, we can say with pride that the boys in gold have done exactly this and much more! Three wins from their opening three league games illustrated the talent within this superb team. There are no egos and no individuals – it is all about the team. Everything that each boy does is about the team. It’s so refreshing to see!

We started yesterday’s game brilliantly, pinging the ball around with confidence and purpose. Across the pitch, combinations of five and six passes enthralled the Ton Army who supported in great numbers once again. Causing mayhem from the left-hand side, Joshua was on fire, scoring our opening two goals of the game to twice give us the lead.

Each time we took the lead, Aston bounced back fantastically and showed a spirit to match our own.

As the middle period started, the game was finely balanced at two goals apiece. Unfortunately for The Ton, it was Aston who pushed on and exerted themselves over the course of this 20 minutes. There is no shame in that. Aston have threatened to show this type of form all season and yesterday was the day when everything fell into place for them and credit to them for that.

Starting for final third, it would have been easy and understandable if the boys had dropped their heads and counted down the minutes. However, these boys are made of stronger stuff than that. Despite being 7-2 down, the lads wanted to go for the win! They attacked Aston from every angle, bombarding their goal in huge numbers. While they pulled a goal through Gonzalo, they could easily have had another 2 or 3 had luck been on their side.

The final whistle was met with smiles and positive vibes. The boys gave it their all and played some brilliant football – arguably the best of the season. They could not have tried any harder – what more could we have asked for?

Well done boys!

Up The Ton!

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