Daniel Sturridge Day Two – Boys Find Their Form!

Saturday 26th January 2019 @ Vale Stadium, Castle Vale

Daniel Sturridge Cup 2019 – Day 2 of 2


Daniel Sturridge Cup

Black Team: Danny, Kian S, Daniel, Jeval, Romaeo, Markie, Toby and Kyran


W 4-1 vs Erdington and Saltley Gold

Markie x 2, Kyran and Daniel

W 1-0 vs Aston


W 3-0 vs East Birmingham

Markie and Toby x 2

D 0-0 vs Wolverhampton


Gold Team: Jude, Rhys, Jack, Elijah, Wiktor, Kian C and Gonzalo


L 4-1 vs Erdington and Saltley Black


L 2-0 vs South Birmingham

L2-1 vs Aston


D 1-1 vs East Birmingham



Daniel Sturridge Shield

Gold Team: Danny, Sean, Ethan, Joshua, Keon, Lennon, Jason, Kayden and Markie

Goals: Joshua x 3, Markie x 2, Jason x 2, Keon x 2 Ethan,


D 1-1 vs Aston B

W 3-1 vs Sutton Coldfield

W – 4-2 vs South Birmingham

W 2 -0 vs Aston C

Man of the Match – Ethan


Black Team: Corey, Daniel, Jakhadi, Oscar, Cole, Chase, Emron and Hughey


L 3-0 vs Sutton

L 2-0 vs South Birmingham

L 3-0 vs Aston


The 2019 Daniel Sturridge Cup will be remembered as a ‘game of two halves’. A fortnight ago we found goals hard to come by and luck a premium, while the woodwork seemed to be in our way no matter where we shot from!

This week we were clinical in attack, united in defence and tireless in our efforts to stamp our mark on each and every game.

In the Cup side of the competition, the Black team burst out of the blocks and continued where they had left off a week earlier when lifting the ESFA Midlands 9-a-side Cup. They scored a number of scintilating goals and once again worked as a team united by the common goal of fulfilling their wonderful talent. If last week gave us a glimpse of what these boys can do when working as one, this week only confirmed that.

Despite working as equally hard as the Black team, the boys in gold found goals more difficult to come by and a couple of defensive lapses let the opposition in at pivotal moments in games when they were on top. Nonetheless, their effort could not be questioned and on another day the boys would have yielded a few more points for their troubles.

The same could be said for the Black team who played in the shield half of the Daniel Sturridge. After playing some excellent football during week one, the boys once again showed their promise in attack, but will need to be a little more robust in defence if their attacking potential is to truly come to the forefront.

That left the younger Gold team to take the limelight on a morning when they hit top form! The defensive lapses that characterised week one were confined to memory and replaced with free-flowing attacking football orchestrated by Lennon in the centre of the park and Ethan in the heart of the defence, the latter of whom started countless attacks with his lung-busting runs from deep. With the spine of the team as solid as we could have asked for, the attacking trio of Keon, Jason and Joshua were free to wow the crowd with their intricate play and swashbuckling intent.

As the rain clouds began to form over Vale Stadium, the sight of the boys in such high spirits was enough to brighten anyone’s day!

Well done boys!

Up The Ton!

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