Boys Impress in Blues Battles

Monday 5th August 2019 @ BCFC Wast Hills

Birmingham City FC Invitational


Under 11s: Danny, Markie, Ethan, Hughie, Kayden and Joshua

Under 10s Black: Jack, Reo, Yaw, Younusa, Mahliq, Uzi and Ebrima

Under 10s Striped: Remi, Andrius, Kian, Cairo, Rhys and George


Goals: Markie x 14, Joshua x 4, Ebrima x 3, Younusa x 3, Kayden, Mahliq, Reo


A selection of the 2019/20 under 10s and 11s travelled to Wast Hills to take part in a pre-season festival organised by Birmingham City FC. Competing against academy and district sides, the boys were superb throughout the pleasant summer evening.

In a number of entertaining games, the boys put in a great shift as they locked horns with the Blues academy sides.

Throughout the evening, all of the boys impressed the excited crowd who watched on from the perimeter of the pitch. From Ebrima weaving his way through the opposition to Ethan standing firm in defence, the boys were brilliant and left all in no doubt that 2019/20 is going to be a very exciting season!

A big thank you to Birmingham City for kindly inviting us to participate in this enjoyable festival.

Well done boys!

Up The Ton!

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