District Trials – Tuesday 25th August 2020

Dear Parents and Players,

First of all, thank you for attending Tuesday’s trial despite the miserable weather.

The attitude of each and every player was superb. They tried their very best, smiled throughout and played some excellent football. We genuinely could not have asked for any more.

During the 2020/21 season, we are running two boys’ teams. Our under 11s squad will have approximately 15 players in it, while the under 10s will consist of approximately 10 players. As you no doubt saw on Tuesday, there are many talented players across our 49 primary schools.

Those boys not picked for either squad should not be despondent. It does not mean they are not a good footballer. This could not be further from the truth.

To those boys who do not get selected, thank you so much for your incredible effort on Tuesday and we wish you the very best for the new school year and every success for the 2020/21 football season. We know you are going to have a great season!

To the boys who have been selected for the next round, well done and we will see you soon. Information about the next round will be emailed to parents over the coming days.

Year Six Boys

Shaun – SS. Peter and Paul

Year Five Boys

Michael M – SS. Peter and Paul

Remi – St. Wilfred’s

Donte – Gunter

Daniel E – Abbey

Bryan – SS. Peter and Paul

James O – Abbey

Makai – St. Mary and John

Shae – Featherstone

Luca – Colebourne

Year Four Boys

Pharrelle – St. Mary and John

Jack M – Brownmead

Kyron – Corpus Christi

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