District Trials – Friday 18th September 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you once again for your continued support throughout the trials process. We appreciate the positivity and energy you have brought to each evening to date.

Under 11s

The trials for the under 11s have come to an end now and we are pleased to present the boys who’ll make up the two under 11s teams for 2020/21:

Benji Shirestone Mahliq Harper Bell
Cairo Short Heath Matharr Thornton
Dylan Featherstone Michael St. Joseph’s
Ebrima Firs Omari SS. Mary and John
Jack Lea Forest Reo Brownmead
Jason SS. Mary and John Rhys St. Barnabas
Jerimiah St. Wilfreds Rion Corpus Christi
Keon SS. Peter and Paul Shaun SS. Peter and Paul
Kian Abbey Tobi Story Wood
Kyle Brownmead Uzi Heathlands
Leeson Oval Yaw Featherstone
Lennon St. Wilfred’s Younussa Featherstone


Under 10s 

The trials for the youngest of our three sides is ongoing and will conclude on Saturday 26th September. The parents of the boys listed below have been emailed full details of Saturday’s final session.

To the boys who have not mad it to the final round, we wish to extend a heartfelt thanks for your superb attitude and application. You have been a credit to your schools from day one and a delight to work with. We know you are going to have an amazing season for both your school and grassroots side. As we said at the trial on Friday, please do not see this decision as us saying you’re not a good footballer because that is not the case. We know you’re a good player and know you’ll achieve great things on and off the pitch. With that in mind, we would like to invite all of the boys who attended on Friday 18th September to our development hub. Details of this opportunity have been emailed out to all parents.

Amario King Solomon Makai SS. Mary and John
Bryan SS. Peter and Paul Mason Paget
Daniel Abbey Mehkile King Solomon
Donte Gunter Micah Paget
Elijah Paget Oliver SS. Peter and Paul
Harley Brownmead Pharrell SS. Mary and John
James Abbey Remi St. Wilfred’s
Kyron Corpus Christi Shae Featherstone
Lewis Brownmead Tyga Lea Forest
Luca Colebourne Zacchaeus Hillstone

We understand that there will be some parents and boys left disappointed at our decision and for that, we are sorry. It is never our intention to upset anyone, especially lads so young. However, it is an unavoidable aspect of trials.

We really hope to hear great things about those who did not make it through to the final round and we genuinely wish all of the lads the very best for the upcoming season and beyond.


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