Under 10s Show Amazing Character in the Pouring Rain

Saturday 30th October, 2021 @ Vale Stadium, Castle Vale

Birmingham Primary Schools’ FA Under 10s League

Team 1: Cristian, Micah, Brendan, Bobby, Noah, Eion, Kavarli and Shayon

Team 2: Hayden, Mako, Zaire, Pharrell, Hashim, Ben, Otis, and Mason

On a morning when the BBC said to expect, ‘light rain showers’, the Vale Stadium was engulfed in a deluge of water on a Biblical scale!

The awful weather made it a difficult morning for all of the boys and meant it wasn’t much fun for anyone! Yet, despite this, they never stopped trying their best. They never stopped battling. They never stopped making us proud.

The results didn’t go our way but that is inevitable. No one was washed away. No one got hit by an Ark. Everyone will return for the next game and once again give their all for The Ton!

Well done boys!

Up The Ton!


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