The Ton Win Epic Semi-Final

Wednesday 7th May 2014 @ Braemar Road

Erdington and Saltley 2-2 Aston – After extra time

Erdington and Saltley win 4-3 on penalties in sudden death


Team: Dermot; Michael, Alex, George; Amari, Ethan, Ramello, Marc; Shilo; Subs: Tyrese, Kruize, Callum and Leyton


This isn’t much of a match report. I don’t really have many memories and certainly not enough for a blow by blow recount of the epic semi-final that took place last night. I’ll give it my best shot but make no promises!

Aston started the game off as the better team and controlled large parts of the first 30 minutes. After taking the lead, Aston exerted their control and could have scored another, only to be denied by the woodwork. However, The Ton once again came from behind (Really boys, must we do this every week?!) to equalise. Shilo picked up the ball on the left and skipped past a tackle or two, before cutting back into play on the goal line. With the angle almost impossible, Shilo looked up to calmly slot the ball away past the keeper. Despite this wonder goal, Aston were still in control of the game and deservedly took the lead again before the half time whistle.

Tonn and myself reassured the lads that losing 2-1 after playing uphill and into the wind was a decent half time score line. However the lads were told to roll up their sleeves and fight for the right to play in the Birmingham FA Cup final. This is exactly what they did. Ethan completely owned the left hand side of the pitch and looked threatening every time he had the ball at his feet. Amari and Marc (and then Tyrese) were putting in a mammoth shift in the centre of the park, whilst the defence repeatedly repelled a dangerous Aston frontline. Nevertheless we still trailed 2-1. Despite the negative score line, the lads didn’t panic and played some great passing football, attacking with pace and in numbers. I can’t really remember Shilo’s equaliser so I’ll just assume it was an overhead kick from the half-way line! We continued to attack after levelling the game and could have won at the death when the on-form Ethan found himself one-on-one, only for the Aston Keeper to make a great save.

Extra time came and went. Marc Witty winning three colossal headers was my highlight of extra time. In truth neither team deserved to lose. Every one of the lads who played can hold their head up high. It was a privilege just to watch you.

After five penalties each it went to sudden death. Aston’s first sudden death penalty became the third victim of the giant Dermot Mee. That left Michael to step up and take the nerve jangling penalty. I think he scored but I was facing the other way.

So a third final of the season. A third final of the season against South Birmingham. No doubt it’ll be a great game!

Well done boys. I’ve run out of words to describe how proud you make Tonn and myself. I always think we couldn’t be prouder, but then you go and do something like this! Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight but I doubt it!

Man of the Match – Ethan

Up The Ton!!

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