Birmingham FA Cup Final Heatbreak

Friday 9th May 2014 @ Bodymoor Heath

Erdington and Saltley 2 – 7 South Birmingham

Team: Dermot; Alex, Marc, Leyton; Amari, Michael, Ramello, Ethan; Shilo – Subs: Tyrese, Kruize, George, Callum

Goals: Amari and Ramello

Man of the Match: Tyrese


Lets look at a few facts first:

  1. Birmingham competitions entered: 4
  2. Birmingham competitions won: 2
  3. Birmingham competitions where we’ve finished as runners-up: 2
  4. Number of Year 5 players who have represented the district at some stage during the season: 9 – therefore making us the youngest squad in the city this season.
  5. Number of cups won for the first time in Erdington and Saltley’s history: 2
  6. Number of goals scored in all competitions: 117
  7. Number of proud, privileged managers: TWO!


We lost the final. These things happen. Life can be cruel and football even crueller. South Birmingham played superbly and in young Tim, they had a played that was on top of his game. He was immense and there are times in life where you just have to hold your hands up and acknowledge your opponent’s brilliance. This is one of them.

So we lost the game but as a team we have won the respect of everyone that has played against us or been lucky enough to watch us in full flow this season. If you’re still feeling a little down following yesterday’s result, re-read those seven facts above and remember this – you’ve made history this season and no 7-2 defeat can change that. If after reading those seven facts you’re still not convinced, cast your memory back to Wednesday night and the epic victory against Aston in a semi-final that was the best game of under 11’s football I have ever been involved in. What a team!

We’ve got a week or two off now before another tough game against a talented Harborne side in the semi-final of the West Midlands FA Cup. Rest up and enjoy your SATs this week! Keep those heads held high. I’ve never felt prouder of you than when that final whistle echoed around Bodymoor Heath last night. That might sound a little strange but if you’re sitting there scratching your head in bemusement at that comment, may I redirect you to those seven facts listed above.

Up The Ton!!

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