The 2014/15 Squad: The King is Dead…Long Live the King!

A-Team  School  Year (as of Sept 2014)
Sean Slade 6
Sam Marsh Hill 5
Marc The Abbey 6
Kye St. Barnabas 5
Kruize Slade 6
Hayden St. Peter and St. Paul 6
Troy Marsh Hill 5
Tyrese St. Joe’s 6
Kane Hodge Hill 5
Jermaine Lea Forest 6
Tristan Yenton 6
Shilo St. Matthews 6
B-Team and Under 10s School  Year (as of Sept 2014)
Kai Corpus Christi 6
Jamie Shirestone 5
Harvey Heathlands 5
Callum Hillstone 6
Dylan Gunter 6
Brandon Short Heath 6
Teon Hillstone 6
Cameron Gunter 5
Oakley Marsh Hill 5
Dylan Hawthorn 5
Brayden Heathlands 6
Daniel Audley 6
Elijah Shirestone 6
Rayhaan Colebourne 6
Ryaq Ward End 6
Tierry Yenton 6

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