The Ton Suffer Final Heartbreak Again

Saturday 28th June 2014 @ Maidensbridge Primary School

Team: Dermot, Alex, Ethan, Leyton, Amari, Kruize, Ramello, Tyrese, Shilo

Subs: Callum and George

Scorer: Ramello

Man of the Match: Dermot


The season is finally over. I certainly don’t mean that in a bad way either! What a season it’s been too! Since playing our first game as a team on Saturday 20th July 2013, we’ve won a couple of finals, lost a couple of finals, missed out on the league by a single point, scored a bucket full of goals, made new friends, picked up a load of memories that will stay with us for life and I like to think we’ve had a laugh along the way too. Finally, I think every player has improved as a player through district football. I’ll never forget this season and that is quite an achievement considering I’ve already forgotten what I had for breakfast today!

The Ton started the game with their attacking intentions clear for all to see. The ball was passed around the surface and players were being brave in their desire to move the ball forward on the floor. However, as has happened too many times this season, a goal for the opposition dealt a major body blow to the confidence of the lads. No sooner had Wolverhampton taken the lead, that they doubled it. The Wolves players were strong, but fair, in their tackles and applied pressure all over the pitch. Their hunger during the first half was fantastic and we didn’t match it. We found ourselves 2-0 down at half time and it could possibly have been more, were it not for the out-rushing Dermot who thwarted Josh Williams a number of times by bravely diving at the feet of the Wolves striker.

At half time we told the boys that they had to match Wolverhampton for the basics – effort, bravery, commitment – before they could even consider getting back into the game. Thankfully the second half saw a massive improvement in The Ton and we controlled the game for large parts of the second twenty-five. Shilo, often isolated in the first half, was now being supported by Amari and Ramello who were moving infield from the wings. The goal came courtesy of a Ramello volley from a few yards out, flying in off the underside of the bar. At that point the lads were visibly lifted and started to believe that they could get back in the game. However, despite their best efforts, they just couldn’t find the equaliser and Wolves scored a third at the death to make the score 3-1.

It would be hard to argue that Wolves didn’t deserve to win but 3-1 was harsh. On another day our second half performance would have lead to an equaliser but football is cruel!

As I said at the beginning of this report, we’ve had a great season and should be proud of our efforts. We have made history every step of the way and the 2014/15 team will have their work cut out if they’re going to outdo you lot! No pressure Shilo, Marc, Tyrese and Kruize!


Keep those heads held high boys! It has been a pleasure to manage you. Good luck in Year 7, Tonn and I will miss you!


Up the Ton!

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