End of 2013/14 Season – Stats

Most Appearances:

  1. Amari and Ramello – 24 games
  2. Dermot, Leyton, Ethan and Michael – 23 games
  3. Callum, George and Shilo – 20 games

Most Goals:

  1. Shilo – 30 goals
  2. Amari – 28 goals
  3. Ramello 20 goals
  4. Ethan – 15 goals

Most Man of the Match Awards:

  1. Dermot – 5 MotM
  2. Amari, Ethan, Marc and Shilo – 4 MotM
  3. Tyrese, Michael, George and Alex – 3 MotM

Birmingham County Representatives:

  1. Amari
  2. Dermot
  3. Ramello
  4. Ethan


Birmingham 7-a-sdie Championship – Winners

Birmingham 5-a-side Championship – Winners

Birmingham Under 11s District League – Runners-up

Birmingham District 9-a-side Cup – Runners-up

West Midlands FA Cup (Burton Shield) – Runners-up

Midland Challenge Cup – Runners-up


Memorable Quotes:

“…what I consider to be the best footballing side in the West Midlands…” Wolverhampton District Secretary

“Shilo pass the ball…pass the ball…PASS THE BALL…SHHHHHIIIIIILLLLLLLOOOOO PPPPAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!” (30 Seconds later) “Good goal Shilo. Well done.” – Phil

“Bruce! Bruce! Oi Bruce! Why aint he listening to me?” (Tonn) “Because his name is Dermot.” (Phil)


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