Presentation – Saturday 19th July 2014

Goals, Star City – 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Just humour me guys, I’m a teacher and have to have a timetable! Here is an idea of what to expect from Saturday:

– There’ll be some music. I’ll have some ‘Bangin’ Toones’ as the yoof call them.
– There’ll be some cheese sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps etc
– Tonn is going to teach you how to break dance (I think that’s what he said but I could have misheard him)
– We have a pitch for our use so we’re going to play Erdington Parents vs. Saltley Parents. Therefore remember to bring your boots/trainers. Don’t bother turning up in your dancing, toe tapping shoes.
– Then they’ll be a penalty shootout competition for the yoof
– After that we’ll head back to the room and watch Tonn do a break dancing solo, or alternatively we’ll just give out the trophies and medals.
– Throughout the day I’ll be selling tickets for the worlds least child friendly raffle. If you don’t drink, I’m not interested and you will be pestered to buy tickets.
– After the awards they’ll be some more bangin’ toones.
– A few emotional goodbyes, and we’ll be done!

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