2015/16 Under 11s Final Squad

The worst thing about trials is the fact that more boys miss out on getting picked than actually get picked. That’s especially hard when the boys who miss out gave it 100% and had an immense attitude throughout the whole process.

However there can only be a limited number of boys in the squad and the 2015/16 under 11s will consist of:

Kane – Hodge Hill

Troy – Marsh Hill

Sam – Marsh Hill

Kye – St. Barnabas

Ilani – Yenton

Diago – Osborne

Harvey – Heathlands

Oakley – Marsh Hill

Samim – Birches Green

Tion – Yenton

Rio – Birches Green

Cameron – Gunter

Blessing – Court Farm

Pharrelle – Abbey

Taylor – Coleborne

Jakeel – Yenton

Tamiel – Short Heath

As with every season, this squad could change and boys not on this list could well be called up. Furthermore, for those in the squad, the actual match day squads will vary from week to week and game to game. Most match day squads will consist of 11 players. Some players may only play a small number of games this season, whilst others play many more. Unfortunately this is the nature of district football and we can not guarantee how many times an individual will play, but we will always endeavour to communicate squads with you in good time.

The final word should go to the boys that didn’t make the list above. You’ve done yourselves proud and should hold your heads up high. Enjoy the season ahead and we hope it will be a hugely successful one for you.

Thank you too parents for your wonderful support and encouragement from the first day to the last.

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