Under 10s Hit Top Form

Wednesday 16th September 2015 @ Jaffray Road

Erdington and Saltley 1 – 0 Phoenix United

Erdington and Saltley 3 – 0 Sutton United

Phoenix United 2 – 2 Sutton United


One: Brad, Carter, Tiarno, Eddie, Bradley, Danny, Kian and Che

Two: Gerard, Taylor, Danny, Cameron, Ilani, William and Blessing

Scorers: Bradley, Blessing

Following Friday’s game there were one or two glum faces. The boys openly stated that they weren’t happy with how they had played on that night, despite earning a 1-1 draw against a very talented Sutton side. Therefore prior to yesterday’s match we discussed the need to be more energetic and aggressive, before earning the right to play attacking football.

This is exactly what we did against a Phoenix team over flowing with talent, including three of our very own district boys! We were brave in the tackle and energetic in our pressing.Even though we were a little scrappy in possession, our work rate was nothing short of brilliant! Every one of the players put in a real shift and the goal was a little piece of magic from wing wizard Bradley. A perfect way to start the evening!

The second game saw a new starting seven but the same high work rate. Furthermore, when in possession the boys played some exciting football that had the fans loving it! The most pleasing thing about the second game was the way in which we held on to the ball, even when there was no attacking option open to us. We didn’t panic and played intelligently.

This was arguably our best evening so far as a squad, which is brilliant when you consider the fact that Reece and Resharne are due to come back. Very exciting indeed!

Thank you to both Phoenix and Sutton who were great opponents. Good luck for the season and no doubt we’ll see you very soon.

Up The Ton!

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