Under 10s Lose But Gain Much Respect

Wednesday 7th October 2015 @ Bescot Stadium

Walsall FC 6 – 1 Erdington and Saltley

Team: Gerard, Taylor, Danny, Blessing, Ilani, Kian, Cameron, William and Resharne

Goal: Blessing

After starting their season unbeaten, the opposition for the under 10s stepped up in terms of difficulty when they played local professional team Walsall FC.

Excitement around this fixture was obvious for all to see and we headed into the game quietly confident of being able to make a positive impression. Unfortunately despite matching our opponents for long parts of the game, we failed to get the scoreline that our efforts deserved.

However if you look beyond the score, which we always do, the performance of the boys was something to be incredibly proud of. They moved the ball around confidently and continued to pass the ball out from the back, even when it would have been easier to panic and go more route one.

During the game we created as many chances as Walsall and on another day, with a bit more luck, we would have scored a few more goals than the one that we did.

In terms of development points, we need to work on holding our positions, which is something that will come as the season progresses and we play more games as a team. Also as the game progressed there were signs that we were getting better at this skill and during the final third our shape was fantastic! This is a great source of encouragement.

A huge thank must go to Mark, Ian and David at Walsall for the opportunity to play them and for the offer of a rematch later in the season. An offer we were more than glad to accept. Also good luck to the Walsall boys for the rest of the season. They were a lovely bunch of lads, with a great attitude and desire to play entertaining football.

I for one can’t wait for the u10s to get together again and am so excited about the potential that they have as a team!

What a brilliant bunch of kids!

Up The Ton!

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