The Ton Reign in the Rain

Saturday 6th February 2016 @ Heartlands Academy


Erdington and Saltley u11s 6 – 3 Bath and Wiltshire

Erdington and Saltley u10s 1 – 4 Bath and Wiltshire



Under 11s: Rob, Sam, Kye, Diago, Harvey, Oakley, Troy, Samim, Cameron P, Tion and Rio

Under 10s: Gerard, Kian, Danny, Aidan, Resharne, Reece, Cameron E, Blessing, Che, William and Tiarno



Under 11s: Sam, Samim, Troy, Tion, Rio and Cameron P

Under 10s: Tiarno


Man of the Match:

Under 11s: Kye

Under 10s: Aidan


To say this morning was wet would be an understatement of epic proportions! To say our boys rolled their sleeves up, ignored the horrid weather and got on with it would be an even bigger understatement! It would have been easy for the lads to have used the terrible weather as an excuse for playing poorly. However it was quite the opposite! Both teams played some incredible football and even though the under 10s failed to get the rewards that their slick football deserved, we finished the morning overflowing with pride!

The u10s played out from the back at every possible opportunity and put together a number of fantastic moves, often moving the ball from back to front with ease. Despite hitting the woodwork on four occasions, having a shot cleared off the line and going agonisingly close on 782 occasions, the boys couldn’t add to Tiarno’s solitary goal. However regardless of the result, the boys ended the morning as winners, after playing the best football of the two teams throughout the game. Although saying that, one of the Bath goals was a stunner and definitely one for the scrapbook!

One of the most pleasing things about the performance of the u10s was the fact that three of the lads were u9s! When you consider the quality of our current u11s, the ability of our u10s and then the exciting crop of u9s that are coming through (Resharne, Reece, Aidan, Bobby and Patrick) it’s safe to say there is certainly something in the water around these parts! Talking of the u9 lads, Abbey pupil Aidan was making his debut today and in doing so following in the footsteps of his cousins Dermot (2013/14), Marc (2013/14, 2014/15) and Gerard (2015/16). Now that’s a talented family! Not only was Aidan making his debut today and playing against boys that were a year older than him, but he was also awarded Man of the Match for his composed performance.


I’m not really sure what happened in the u11s game, although Tonn has done nothing but rave about the quality of our play since this morning. He won’t shut up about it! I’m not sure if it’s a case of the ‘fisherman’s tale’ but he even claims that Tion’s goal was the culmination of a 20 pass move! The thing is, I actually believe him. A 20 pass goal is exactly what the u11s are capable of! It was also great to see six different scorers get their names on the score sheet. It just goes to show the quality that we have in this team!

A special mention must go to u10s player Kian, who made his debut for the u11s today after a number of solid performances for the u10s over recent weeks. In doing so, he becomes the fifth u1os player to play for the ‘big boys’ in 2015/16. I wouldn’t count on him being the last either!


Thank you Bath and everyone connected with this great district. After a two hour drive, I imagine the last thing that the lads wanted to do was play football in rain of that severity, and I can’t imagine the  parents were keen on standing out in it either! However all of Bath should be proud of their boys’ conduct throughout the morning. As ever Bath, it’s been a pleasure!


Next up is fellow good friends Gloucester. Hopefully we’ll have a little sun too!


Up The Ton!



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