Girls Battle Against Gloucester

Saturday 10th December 2016 @ Heartlands Academy

Erdington and Saltley 0 – 3 Gloucester


Team: Macie, Aimee, Lauren, Taija, Remi, Savannah and Liberty


Above: Three Ton stars. One family.


Despite a number of late withdrawals and a far from ideal lead-up to the game, The Ton girls walked away from their game against Gloucester with an incredible amount of pride.

From the first to last whistle, the girls gave it their very best and showed that the girls side of the district continues to grow from strength to strength.

Early in the game they came agonisingly close to taking the lead, only for the ball to rebound off the post and roll along the line. That was the closest we came to taking the lead, and the first period ended 0-0.

Each of the other three periods were won 1-0 by Gloucester, with the Southern district taking their chances when they had them.Nevertheless, the Erdington and Saltley girls continued to knock on the door of the Gloucester goal only to be thwarted several times by their keeper.

With Paula away due to other commitments, I had the pleasure of leading the girls for the first time and what a pleasure it was. Hardworking, polite and funny. They made me feel welcome from the very first second and this meant my morning was one packed with enjoyment and fun.

A special thank you to Gloucester too, who travelled to Birmingham for the second consecutive week, after their boys’ team made the journey last Saturday. We look forward to our return visit in April and wish everyone connected with Gloucester a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Up The Ton!

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