Young Ton Team Pick Up Maximum Points to Push South Birmingham All the way!

Saturday 28th January 2017 @ Heartlands Academy

Daniel Sturridge Cup – Final weekend


Team: Tyrese, Gerard, Tiarno, Kian, Danny, William, Taylor, Aidan, Resharne, Reece, Jaiy, and Che

Goals: Resharne, Reece, Che x 2, Taylor


W 2-1 Wolverhampton

W 2-1 Sutton Coldfield

Man of the Match: Che – his work rate up front made him unplayable at times.

For the second consecutive year we picked up the Daniel Sturridge Cup runners-up trophy. There are times when lifting a runners-up trophy can feel like simply being the first loser. Last year we lost a close final in a bitterly disappointing way. It was a real blow. However this year we well and truly earned the runners-up trophy.

Unable to name a settled team for any of the four weeks and with four or five players unavailable each week, we picked up enough points over the four weeks to actually sit atop of the table with one game left in the tournament – South Birmingham vs. Harborne. Unfortunately Harborne couldn’t claim the victory that we required in order for us to lift the winners trophy. Nevertheless on this occasion the runners-up trophy tasted all that sweeter!

During three of the four weeks, the majority of the team had been made up of under 10s, with Resharne, Reece, Aidan, Tyrese and Jaiy regularly lining up in the starting seven. Their refusal to be daunted by the task that lay in front of them has left us all excited about next season.

However we still have plenty to play for this season, a fact we were reminded of by the manner in which the under 11s of Che, Gerard, Taylor, Tiarno, William, Danny and Kian led their younger teammates into battle.

After taking a 2-0 lead against both Wolverhampton and Sutton Coldfield, the lads weathered late storms in both games after conceding to set up nervy finishes. Sensational keeping from Ty and Gerard meant both teams were shut out sufficiently and the six points required to guarantee second spot were secured.

After lifting the Bath International Cup and the BPSFA 6-aside Cup, this was our third trophy of the season and another reason to be proud of these fine young men.

Well done boys!

Up The Ton!

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