Jersey 2017:Day Four 

Tuesday 11th April 2017 @ FB Playing Fields, St. Helier

Potters Bar 1-0 Erdington and Saltley
Team: Gerard, Taylor, Danny, Tiarno, Cameron, Blessing, Ilani, Cian, Che, Kian and William

Man of the Match: Taylor
Day four was the day when The Ton found their mojo again. In the two previous games it had gone missing all too often but against Potter Bar it was there from start to finish. In fact it was there from 8am until 10pm. The boys did themselves proud from the moment they woke up.

The game against classy outfit Potters Bar had everyone connected with both districts excited prior to the match and it didn’t fail to deliver. Two teams of fine footballers, battled it out for 50 minutes, giving everything for their school’s district. During the first 25 minutes Ilani ran the show from the centre of the park, spraying the ball around and breaking forward with graceful ease. Up front Blessing caused problems with his trickery, while Che and Cam created chances down the wing via their electrifying pace. With all of that attacking threat came a need to be solid at the back, which Cian, Taylor, Danny, Tiarno and Gerard duly provided.  The half ended with the score level at 0-0 and both sets of players were afforded a well earned rest.

The second 25 started with Potters Bar immediately getting through on goal, only to see their shot hit the side netting as Gerard rushed out to narrow the angle. At the other end we continued to throw men forward but luck wasn’t with us as half chances couldn’t be turned into full chances. Both defences were standing firm and it looked like a draw was the most likely outcome until a Bar player finished a stray ball brilliantly by rifling it into our bottom right corner.

With seconds left on the clock we created one final chance when Will passed cross field before Cam picked the ball up on the right and burst into the box only to have the ball expertly nicked from his foot as he pulled the trigger.

A draw would have been a fair result. Both teams were quality and showed why they’re so highly regarded. It was a joy to watch and a pleasure to be part of. Thank you to Dean Watts and the Potters Bar boys for the part that they played.

Off the pitch we went for a walk in the town, before allowing the boys to buy souvenirs and general Jersey related junk. It was during this walk that the boys were caught trying to chat up the local ladies. They denied it of course.

After dinner we went to Jersey’s version of Alton Towers. A very savvy farmer exploited a niche in the market when he put a load of random junk in a field. The lads loved it! The highlight of which was the Ton Demolition Derby and the Ton Water Ballon Blitz, both of which were definitely won by Tonn and I, regardless of what the lads say.

Whilst at aMaizin Blessing continued to chat up girls. Blessing continued to have little luck.

On the evening we went to watch the Jersey Cup final at the national stadium, which was won 3-0 by St. Paul’s. Such is the beauty of the Jersey festival that we attended the game with the Bar boys. Rivals on the pitch this morning were now best of friends off the pitch as they sang from the stands and created a great atmosphere in Springfield Stadium. Watching the boys mingle and get along was by far my highlight of the day. And what a day it was.

Oh and during a half time visit to the burger stand, Blessing showed true grit and resilience as he tried yet again to chat to a girl. By now you’ll know how it ended.
What a day! What a team! What a group of fine young men!

Up The Ton!

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