2017 Trials – Saltley Schools – Year Five Boys

Dear parents and players,
Thank you for your support and effort respectively this evening. Tonight was a pleasure for us coaches as your sons were a delight to work with. The boys were a credit to you and they did themselves and their school proud. When we finished the session early due to the rain, the lads actually complained as they wanted to play more football!

The effort and attitude of the boys was amazing.

It is always really hard when deciding who to put through to the next round. Regardless of who makes it through to the round two, all of the boys should hold their head up high, safe in the knowledge that they gave it everything that they had.

The following boys have made it through to round two (details to follow via email/text):

  • Mason DA – St. Wilfred’s
  • Fydel W – Oval
  • Tyrese M – Shirestone
  • Oliver W – Brownmead
  • Enoch O – Firs
  • Naaser P – Ward End
  • Khalil A – Adderly
  • David K – Osborne

Thank you and have a great weekend.

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