2017 Trials – Year 3 and 4 Boys – Squad List

Dear Parents and Players,

Thank you for your incredible support and attitude respectively. This year the trials have been a pleasure and that is down to you.

Parents – you have been supportive and understanding. Trials are not the easiest thing to lead as ultimately some boys will be left upset. As a teacher, this doesn’t sit easy with me but you have been incredibly easy to work alongside over the last month.

Boys – your attitude has been exemplary. You played wherever you were asked and gave it 110%. A few weeks ago at the outset of the process, you were asked to give it your best shot and you surpassed even my wildest expectations. You should all be proud of your achievement in getting to the final stage, regardless of whether your name adorns the squad list or not.

If you have not made it through to the 2017/18 squad we sincerely hope to welcome you back next season. Every year a returning boy makes it through to the year 6 squad, despite having missed out on the year 5 team.

Finally, I will be contacting all of the head teachers of those who played tonight. They need to know how proud you did them and their school!

Thank you.


2017/2018  Erdington and Saltley Primary Schools’ Under 10s

  1. Danny C – Abbey
  2. Kayden H – Marsh Hill
  3. Tre’vaun F – St. Barnabas
  4. Keon Geroni – SS Peter and Paul
  5. Ethan M – Abbey
  6. Rhys FW – Marsh Hill
  7. Cameron B – Featherstone
  8. Callam ON – Audley
  9. Jay C – Abbey
  10. Luke M – Brookvale
  11. Kamani G – SS Peter and Paul
  12. Owen M – St. Barnabas
  13. Tavani C – St. Clements
  14. Cian L – SS Peter and Paul
  15. Cian S – Heathlands
  16. Toby U – Abbey
  17. Romaoe T – St. Matthews
  18. Daniel E – St. Mary and John
  19. Jeval M – Featherstone
  20. Che W – Erdington Hall




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