Brig House Residential

Monday 14th August – Wednesday 16th August 2017 @ The Brig House

2017/18 Season Residential

Thirteen boys, two nights and lots of excitement. What could possibly go wrong?

Well apart from a few burnt chicken nuggets, it was an amazing few days!

Day one was spent playing games and running around the grounds of the Brig House in an attempt to capitalise on the boys’ competitive spirit and also burn off some energy. While we certainly achieved the former, we most definitely failed in our attempt to achieve the latter! This was illustrated by the fact that the boys were still away after midnight and up before 7:00am on Tuesday!

Day two started with a variety of fun team building activities involving eggs, balloons, junk, toilet roll and some ingenious ideas! We then made the most of the glorious afternoon sun by going on a three hour walk in the local forest. Note to self, never let 10 year olds choose the route and lead the way!

While waiting for Tonn to cook up a storm in the kitchen, the lads were split into teams for a quiz. To say there were some interesting answers would be an understatement of mammoth proportions!

Both evenings were spent socialising with board games, music and Fifa on the agenda. A huge Fifa competition saw Lamar square up against Resharne in the final that the public had all wanted to see. Unfortunately for Lamar, fatigue seemed to get the better of him as Resharne lifted the title thanks to a 1-0 victory.

For our first ever summer residential it was a huge success and one that everyone enjoyed!

Oh and as all teachers who have been on a residential know, the late night and early morning of day one is always replaced by an early night and late morning on day two!

Up The Ton!


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