B-Team Claim Amazing Victory in Goal-fest!

Saturday 29th May 2021 @ Vale Stadium, Castle Vale

Erdington and Saltley B 7-5 Sutton Coldfield

Team: Bryan, Tobi, Shane, Sean, Shaun, Mathaar, Jaremiah, Leeson, Younussa, Yaw, Dylan, Kyle

Man of the Match – Daniel: two goals and two assist for the midfielder schemer

Goals: Daniel x 2, Leeson x 2

Save the best ’til last, or so the saying goes.

At half-time, the boys trailed 5-2 and were dead and buried. Fortunately for us, they failed to read the script and dragged themselves off the canvas to claim several knock-out blows of their own during the second period.

At this point I have to be honest and admit I did not see much of the game but I heard the screams and saw the joy emanating from the boys. They simply couldn’t hide their enjoyment as the goals flew in and the excitement reached boiling point. It was a pleasure to talk to the boys after the game and listen to them enthusiastically recoil tails of their incredible fightback.

Hollywood couldn’t have scripted it better.

The B-Team have been a joy to work with this season and have gelled as a team, especially over the past month. They have come up against some tough teams but have never let themselves down and never been out of their depth. This feat is even more remarkable when you consider half of the team are only in year 5. What a team!

Well done boys!

Up The Ton!


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